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"My goal is simple... To change people's lives!"

Empowerment is best accomplishied from a full spetrum approach. I look at more than just phsical transformation; I believe that real changes include engaging mind, body and soul.

I EMPOWER you to feel your best by challenging your mind to read books on personal development and mental toughness. All the books that I recommend, I have personally studied myself and can positively say have helped propel my success thus far.

I MOTIVATE you to do your best by being an example myself. The workouts that I do and the training methods that I have developed have worked for me and I believe they can work for you - if you just apply yourself.

I INSPIRE you to look your best when your mind is strong, your body healthy and your soul is happy. By practicing yoga and proper breathing techniques we can align the three - mind, body and soul - to work together. This creates balance and success in whatever endeavours your choose.

I have been a personal trainer since 2000, and I realize the significance of training the mind as a significant part of how your body will react and produce. Any workout that I ask my clients to do, I have done myself; books, workshops and knowledge that I gain - I share. As a father and family man I see the difference a balanced mind and body will produce.

When our clients commit to our process they will get RESULTS! Their confidence will grow and the knowledge that they will gain from the books they study will provide the power needed to csucceed in any situation they encounter.

This is a club for people who want to be successful. What we offer is: guidance, support and a venue to become whatever successful means to you.

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"Our Mission... Hope!"

We've committed to being an example that hard work will achieve goals. It doesn't matter where you are from; it's about where you want to go. If you can create a clear vision of what you want to be, what you want to do, your mission will be achieved.

My Story

I am Ryan Chris Tate, founder of Feel Good Now (FGN). My success was not found - it was skillfully plotted throughout a series of life defining decisions; decisions that were influenced by the vision that I saw for myself. I came to Canada from Jamaica, when I was 11 years old. This move - at this age and from the life that I had been living - presented me with many challenges. It was obvious that I was not at the same educational level as the other students at this new school. I was challenge to: understand a new language, make new friends, get used to new situations and cultural norms; all while trying to be an average 11 year old kid dealing with 11 year old daily life - such as bullying.

High schoold really helped me to focus my efforts - it's where I started training in the gym. I used traing as my 'escape' to motivate and inspire

myself to be and look better. Training ws something I really excelled at and I've learned that in order to be good at something - you have to FEEL GOOD at it, and that makes being successful a little bit easier to achieve.

Feeling good means: appreciating the things, people and experiences (good of bad) around us; regularly giving thanks and praise to yourself and others; understanding that it is truly a blessing that life allows us to pursue opportunities and to really do something of purpose with our lives.

It's my job to MOTIVATE YOU; I am your motivation; I want to motivate you to get better. If you can leave training with me and FEEL GOOD about yourself - then I've done my job.

What I want for myself is what I want for other people - to be SUCCESSFUL!




Our programs are focused on providing results, for people who are dedicated to the process.


• The up - and - coming, dedicated athlete between the ages of 12 and 18 years who have the want and desire to BE THE BEST.

• Athletic training for males and females.

• The everyday busy parent; including both physical training and life coaching sessions.

• The young professional, ages 24 to 34, living the typical fast paced lifestyle.

• The 'iron-actics' - who live in the gym, but love variety.