Coach Tate can motivate and inspire your audience to #FEELGOODNOW when he delivers his impactful presentation


In this presentation, Ryan touches on some key foundational elements of success: 

Team Building, Developing Self Confidence, Habits, Leadership Skills and more.


Testimonial 4

When Coach Tate did his presentation it made me want to try harder in every sport that I participated in for example: Gymnastics I've always tried hard in it but after his speech it made me want to try harder! The gym was challenging even though my team didn't win I felt good about myself because how hard I tried.



Testimonial 3

The presentation in the library was encouraging and I think he explained clearly what you have to do. The information he gave, can be used for multiple things in ones life. Examples, believing helps with anything, dreams, goals and your mood. I like that Coach Tate was enthusiastic and he is a great role model. The gym was a great experience and fun. I liked his method of encouraging people.



Testimonial 2

I liked the library position because we learned on how to be really active and also Coach Tate talked about why it's good to be healthy and also active and how you can push yourself to work hard.I liked the gym presentation because we did workouts and we also had races that were so much fun.



Testimonial 1

I thought that he gave us good advice to keep our body temple as heathy as possible and to never give up.